How is a statue made?

Our production starts from the creation of a subject designed by our sculptors. The subject is entirely handmade using the materials that best suit the artistic creation of sculptural works such as plasticine, clay, wax. The artist works by following the agreements previously made with the company, which in turn has defined all the details and characteristics of the figure to introduce on the market or to propose to a specific customer. The better is the cooperation between the company and the artist, the better the job will be. A good job highlights all those very important small details that will then be faithfully reported to the finished product. Some implants are hand-made to faithfully reproduce the figure created by the sculptor. From those, silicone rubber and glass resin molds will be reproduced to make the resin statues with marble powder, while for the PVC (polymer) products the molds are made of steel, expertly chiseled to remove all defects and impurities and implanted on injection machines for repetitive molding.

We inform you that all the painted statues can be requested in white, discounted by 30% on the list price.

Our production

Our resin statues with marble dust are produced separately, depending on the size: from 10 to 40 cm they are produced by full casting, giving a certain thickness and weight, both important for the quality and size of the statue, especially if kept outside. From 50 cm to 110 cm the statues are made by hollow casting, that is to say that inside these statues are empty or not completely full, in order to reduce the weight that would otherwise be an obstacle both for transport and for handling and placement of the statues themselves (just think of the statues carried in procession on canopies, or statues placed on more delicate surfaces that would not support the weight).

The "rough" statue in resin and marble dust needs several important steps before going on to the coloring phase. This is why we can say with absolute certainty that our product is entirely handmade and followed step by step within our company. After a thorough washing from which the statue comes out invigorated and clean of any residual material, the next step is that of milling, the use of special compressed air leave a smooth surface to be then painted.

Painting is the last stage of processing but it is also the most important. Each statue is hand-painted by our expert "figurines" who mix the colors and apply the paint only and exclusively with the brush, giving touches of light here and there, creating a harmonious movement and plays of light and shadow between the clothes.

And finally a film of delicate transparent finish is applied, to fix the color and make it last over time always shiny and alive.

The packaging

Even the boxes and packaging are made in our laboratory. For particularly fragile statues, a shockproof foam protection is used to save the item during transport to its destination. Every single package is accompanied by a MADE IN ITALY quality certificate.