For over 35 years our small company has been part of the artisans operating on the religious market, producing exclusively sacred statuary.

With the advent of online commerce, we have decided to make our products known to the end consumer as well, while always maintaining our service and our collaboration with sacred vestments shops, religious communities, shrines and wholesalers. Our specialty? Create religious statuettes, quality, sober, classic statues that highlight the expression, beauty and importance of the devotional article. A finished product, with attention to every detail that becomes a complementary object of any type of furniture or a gift with a profound spiritual meaning. The materials used: Oxolite, resins with marble powder, polymers. Strictly handmade painting with oil, water and acrylic colors, wisely used by our skilled workers who have joined us in this path since our first year of activity.


About Us

We are a family-run company that has been able to introduce its creations little by little,, worthily representing the Italian artistic craftsmanship and in particular Lucca, making itself appreciated throughout the Italian and foreign religious market. The first steps on the religious market were taken in the early 1980s by our founder Leonardo Pasquini, a well-known and affirmed representative of an important manufacturer of Christmas and Nativity article era with cribs and various hand-painted accessories of all sizes.

The journey has been long and tiring but the initiative of Mr. Leonardo and his passion for the typical craftsmanship of the Lucca region where he came from made the name of the company spread positively in the environments of the sacred statuary market. Today the company has renewed itself with the new generation by expanding the number of items produced using important sculptors for the creation of particular subjects, requested by an increasingly demanding clientele.