Holidays: October 4th. Born in Assisi in 1181 Died in Assisi in 1226
Founder of the Friars Minor Patron of Italy: Son of a wealthy merchant, he spent a comfortable youth dreaming of becoming a knight, but after a vision he gave up everything to follow God in poverty. He began to preach penance, dressed in sackcloth and living on alms. His cult is widespread everywhere and his love for poverty earned him the nickname Poverello of Assisi. Some episodes of his life have entered the iconography, such as the preaching to birds and the submission of the wolf of Gubbio.
It is represented with brown habit, with a three-knot track that recalls the vows: poverty, chastity and obedience; but the main attribute are the stigmata, often radiant.
Protection: merchants, rope makers, ecologists, floriculturists, merchants, upholsterers, poets.