Priest and Doctor of the Church
Holidays: June 13th. Born in Lisbon in 1195 Died in Padua in 1231.
Activities and characteristics: Franciscan friar and preacher. I was gifted in the art of oratory and taught in various universities in Europe. He decided to stop in Padua to devote himself entirely to preaching. Here he died suddenly at the age of 36.
The relic of his language is kept in the Basilica of Saint Anthony in Padua.
He is represented in Franciscan dress, with a book, the flame, the heart, the white lily, a symbol of virginity and the Child in memory of a vision.
Protection: Orphans, prisoners, shipwrecked men, sterile women, pregnant women, sick children, glaziers and glass merchants. Since the seventeenth century she has been invoked to find lost objects and by women to find a husband