Holidays: May 13th. One of the appellations with which the Catholic Church venerates Mary.
On May 13, 1917 the Virgin appeared for the first time in Portugal, in a village lost to 3 shepherds: Lucia Dos Santos and Francesco and Giacinta Marto asking for penance and conversion. The Madonna appeared to the little shepherd children every day at the same time for 6 consecutive months. The three visionaries said that to prevent the fate of humanity from being threatened by various scourges, penance, recitation of the Rosary, consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the construction of a chapel in her honor were required. According to classical iconography, the Virgin is all dressed in white with a cape with golden edges and usually has a rosary in her hand. It is often depicted with the three shepherd children at their feet or standing alone on a cloud and with the branches of the trees that frame the cloud. The Marian Shrine of Fatima is one of the most revered places by the Catholic faithful. It holds the message of the Fatima event. The space of the Sanctuary was being built in response to the flow of pilgrims. It includes the places of the Apparitions, places of worship and prayer such as places for meeting rooms, accommodation in dormitories and a self-service restaurant.

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