Holidays: July 16th. The Queen of Mount Carmel is the patroness of the Carmelites and of those who commit themselves to living the spirituality of Carmel. She is the protector of those who wear their scapular and is the special support of the souls in Purgatory. Mount Carmel was a mountain in Israel where men of holy life withdrew to honor the Virgin Mother of God. The order of the Carmelites arose on this mountain at the behest of the prophet Elijah, 700 years before the coming of Christ. According to popular iconography, the Madonna del Carmelo does not hold Jesus in her arms but stretches her arms forward offering the scapular. The image refers to the apparition of 16 July 1251 when Our Lady showed up at San Simone Stock, handed over a scapular and revealed the privileges associated with this cult. But very often the Virgin is represented with the Child Jesus in her arms, often with brown dress and scapular and white cloak. This scapular is a sign of salvation. It means being clothed in his grace, that is, in his gifts. Churches and shrines are dedicated all over the Madonna del Carmine, for the promise made with the scapular she is also honored as "Madonna del Suffragio" and is sometimes depicted drawing the purified souls from the flames of purgatory.

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